MAHYTEC innovates

for the development of
renewable energy storage

About us

Since the 19th century, a few visionary spirits have fancied the idea that hydrogen could be a great energy vector. Yesterday’s dream is now reality!

MAHYTEC is committed to energy transition

We offer inventive solutions in energy storage, and more specifically hydrogen storage solutions for your mobile or stationary applications.

MAHYTEC is an innovative company

Thanks to our strong R&D potential, we satisfy and adapt ourselves to our customers’ requirements. Certified ISO 9001, MAHYTEC offers turnkey solutions that meet requirements of international standards, undisputed quality guarantee.

MAHYTEC is unique

We are the only company that masters two technologies of hydrogen storage. Therefore, we are able to propose our clients hydrogen solid storage systems and compressed storage.

MAHYTEC team will assist you

Based in Dole in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, just a stone’s throw away from the Jura Mountains, MAHYTEC is a dynamic company, on hand to listen and provide solutions to your needs in energy storage.

Launch of the Cavendish project
Certification and marketing of our BUNDLE solutions

New version and multigas certification of the 500bar tank.
Significant increase in 500bar tank production associated with an increase in staff.
Hydromer command for the maritime market.
Diversification of products for Hydrogen applications


Study and design of hydrogen solution for the aeronautical market

Acquisition of Mahytec by the Hensoldt France group.
Partnership for the manufacture of 1Nm3/h PEM electrolyser following a distribution agreement with Green Hydrogen


Delivery of the first 500bar tanks

Development of a dialysis center in Guinea: solution coupled with photovoltaic panels, batteries, hydrogen for 100% autonomous operation. Continued development of hydride compressors (Cosmhyc DEMO)


Development and certification of new products

Development and certification of our containerized hydrogen storage
Certification of a high-pressure hydrogen tank for gas transportation and hydrogen refuelling station
Delivery of several hydrogen storage systems to a German energy company


MAHYTEC celebrates 10 years

Entry of investors in the capital.
PED certification of hydrogen tanks at 60bar for stationary applications
PED certification, TPED according to the ISO 16111:2008 standard for hydride tanks MHT-Magnum

MAHYTEC wins a request for proposal

concerning the implementation of 5 bivalent hydrogen and vehicle stations in high schools in Burgundy Franche-Comté. MAHYTEC expands its product range for education and provides real-scale tools to train the next generation in hydrogen-energy technologies 


MORPHY project

Funded by the DGA, MORPHY aims to supply energy to an infantryman

Certification ASME, Col du Palet, new permises

Certification according to ASME Section X for high volume tanks
Installation of tanks at Col du Palet in Parc National de la Vanoise
Inauguration of our new premises rue Léon Bel à Dole

Mobypost project, CMI laureate

Implementation of vehicles and hydrogen stations of the Mobypost project
Winner of the Global Innovation Competition, Innovation 2030, with the RHYMOVE project, hydrogen hybrid tank

HYCUBE tank certification

 as part of the hydrogen trolleys project in Swiss trains

BAHyA lawn mower inauguration

Initial ISO9001 certification

Development of composite structures

… for underwater exploration

Starting of company activity

Winner of the National Competition for the Creation of Innovative Companies


Started by four co-founders specialized in materials science, MAHYTEC now employs over 25 employees offering a wide range of skills. MAHYTEC relies on a solid experience and a proven know-how to offer a customized approach to the most complex problematic in the fields of energy and materials mechanical behavior. MAHYTEC helps its customer to design their structure and optimize their mechanical and energetic performances.

DOMINIQUE PERREUX crée MAHYTEC, spécialiste du stockage de l'énergie

Dominique Perreux


FREDERIC THIEBAUD, conseiller scientifique en stockage des énergies renouvelables


Scientific Advisor

DAVID-CHAPELLE, conseiller scientifique en stockage de l'énergie


Scientific Advisor

PASCAL ROBINET, directeur technique en stockage de l'énergie



MATHILDE BANGOURA, responsable marketing en stockage de l'énergie


Marketing and Sales Manager

Benoît Delobelle, directeur des opérations en stockage de l'énergie


Chief of Operations

GreenHydrogen, stockage des énergies renouvelables
EIFER, expert en stockage de l'énergie
air liquide, leader du stockage de l'énergie
safran, conseil en stockage de l'énergie
haskel, industrie du stockage de l'énergie
UFC, Université en stockage de l'énergie
femto-st, science du stockage de l'énergie
FEDER-fc, fonds pour soutenir le stockage de l'énergie
BPI-france, banque pour soutenir l'innovation en stockage de l'énergie
ademe, agence environnementale du stockage de l'énergie