Energy autonomy

Remote locations face challenges in terms of energy autonomy. Generators are not long-term solutions. The hybrid hydrogen / battery system is a combination that provides a reliable and clean energy supply when combined with renewable energy.


MAHYTEC develop this system as part of the energy transition.

Remote locations

Some homes, some locations do not necessarily have access to energy directly connected to the traditional public network because of the difficulties to extend this network (remoteness, expensive cost, inaccessible area) these are so-called isolated places. However, these places have an energy need that can range from a simple lighting to a complete electrification.

These locations must find an energy alternative that can meet their demand.

An hybrid solution can meet these different energy needs. Indeed, the combination of battery as well as hydrogen can then bring a better autonomy. The assembled system allows the batteries to generate electricity during peak consumption directly. Hydrogen stored in tanks can store a large amount of energy and redistribute it when the site needs energy.

Transport hydrogène : réservoir de stockage d'hydrogène 60 bar 850l - 2

In 2014, MAHYTEC responded to a call for tenders concerning the equipment of an isolated site in terms of electrical distribution. The purpose of the request was to propose an installation connected to the electrical distribution set up. MAHYTEC provided design and construction of the hydrogen storage and distribution system. This system consists in storing the hydrogen produced during the opening period in order to use it outside this period thanks to medium pressure tanks.

The isolated site now benefits from an autonomous energy system in all weathers.

autonomie énergétique en site isolé