Hydrogen the fuel for tomorrow

Press article - 11 March 2019
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MAHYTEC advances in the development of its solution for high pressure hydrogen transport.

After developing different solutions in hydrogen storage, MAHYTEC moves forward to the development of its transportable hydrogen solutions under high pressure within the scope of VHYCTOR project. This project aims to develop a new form of simplified and progressive hydrogen fueling stations to boost the deployment of hydrogen mobility.

VHYCTOR project is going along until 2020 and is held by a consortium of 5 organizations of the Region Bourgogne Franche Comté. In this project MAHYTEC will provide tanks to store and transport hydrogen under 500bar compressed form. Thank to this safely transportation under high pressure, we can rethink the way to distribute the hydrogen to refilling stations.

We can use a hydrogen co-production site or massive green hydrogen production by electrolysis or by biomass that will be purified and compressed on site. The hydrogen will be stored inside our tanks under high pressure, gathered in metal frames on trucks and will travel from the hydrogen production site to several distribution points.

Therefore, on the site where hydrogen is distributed and where the vehicles will refill their car, hydrogen is ready for use. According to the gas demand, more or less tanks’ frames will circulate to follow and adapt to the needs even if these one progress faster.

The CAPEX cost of hydrogen station is reduced because the hydrogen production and the compression are integrated in one place, and the hydrogen transported is delivered in different distribution stations within a radius of 60 kilometers around the production point.

VHYCTOR mahytec

The Region Bourgogne France Comté has participated to the funding of this project thank to the FEDER program and confirms it ambition to develop the hydrogen sector.

VHYCTOR is part of the global project « ENRGHY » of the Région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.


Press article from l’Usine Nouvelle in February 2019, written by TABARD Antonin.

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