Dominique PERREUX, selected as Deputy Regional Delegate of France Hydrogen

News - 23 December 2020

Whereas the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells French association (AFHYPAC) become France Hydrogen, this name change go hand in hand with regional delegate appointments in order to go up the informations from the field.

For the Bourgogne-Franche Comte region, Nathalie Loch was elected Regional Delegate ensuing the general meeting the 10th of December 2020. She is the H2 project manager at the Regional Economic Agency.

At her sides, two Deputy Regional Delegates have been chosen :

-Emeline Converset (H2 mission head in BFC for the Futur Vehicle Cluster). Trained as an engineer and from the private sector, she arrived at the FVC IN 2009.

-Dominique Perreux, the CEO of Mahytec. The presence of our company goes in the direction of France Hydrogen, which pleads for a greater representativeness of SMEs within regional delegations.

This Regional Directorate is an opportunity for Bourgogne-Franche Comte to become more and more visible in the national landscape. There is a strong dynamic in the area with many industrial players and industrial projects led by communities. In addition, the region has a strong commitment to hydrogen with a roadmap adopted in 2019.

DOMINIQUE PERREUX crée MAHYTEC, spécialiste du stockage de l'énergie

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